"What About Infections?"

Copied from MGMBill.Org in response to CA Senator Feinstein's claim
 that circumcision reduces urinary tract infections (italics added):

Although various studies have indeed touted circumcision as a way to reduce urinary tract infections (UTIs) in infant boys, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association advise against routine circumcision. That is because any potential health benefits of circumcision do not outweigh the risks, complications, and damage from the surgery.

UTIs affect only a tiny percentage of boys and can be treated with antibiotics. On the other hand, the complication rate of circumcision is at least double the rate of UTI occurrence, and every victim of circumcision loses significant sexual sensation. Further, no physicians recommend that girls should have their genitals altered in some way to reduce urinary tract infections, even though females are much more likely to contract UTIs than males. With those facts in mind, it is clear that potential UTI prevention is not a valid reason to recommend male circumcision.

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