of ChurchOfJesusChrist.net

·  To help people discern between Mormon culture & LDS Religion.
·  To help people discern the genuine meaning of Christianity.
·  To expose any False Traditions being pawned as True Religion, specifically within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in order to make war against modern-day apostacy.  (In an avalanche, all snowflakes claim innocence).
·  To expound True Principles which have been alleged as False Doctrines or as "no longer applicable".
·  To help people realize that "the only true law is that which leads to freedom" (Richard Bach).
·  To affirm the concept of individual responsibility and fight against the concept of infallibility of prophets, church leaders, or any mortal except for Jesus.
·  To articulate the polar opposition between the forces represented by Jehovah and Lucifer, their respective plans, and the consequences of -- and patterns behind -- each one.
·  To bring attention to the best aspects and most dangerous problems in the Church today, so that good is validated and evil exposed.
·  To foster mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect between people, no matter their religious viewpoints.
·  In short, To quote Sean David Morton, "for the enlightenment of all beings".

What ChurchOfJesusChrist.net is Not:

·  An official or unofficial website of any specific religion, new or old.
·  An "anti" website of any kind (the author is a faithful and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and respects all religions which do not seek to destroy others' beliefs or restrict peoples' freedom).
·  A website which teaches people to disrespect any religion
·  This site focuses more on matters dealing with the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its contemporary relatives, but will also attempt to enlighten concerning other LDS religions, the Primitive Church, B.C. times, antedeluvian society, and premortal life.
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