Circumcision Harms Children.

Circumcision Harms People.

Those entering "circumcision" into a search engine (highly recommended) will become quickly overwhelmed with the amount of available information on circumcision.

This page is intended to provide a near-complete source of circumcision information with the fewest amount of essays possible.

Please share this link or printouts of articles from this page
with parents, future parents, and their loved ones.

If you read even two out of three of the articles on this page, you will know more about circumcision than 99,999 out of 100,000 people.

Let Him Not Be Circumcised:
The Religious Invalidity of ALL Modern Circumcision, Paricularly Christian/LDS
No other essay like it on the web.
by Matheas

The Case Against Circumcision
A Jewish doctor who used to perform non-religious circumcisions
explains how circumcision harms--and certainly does not help--children.
A must-read for any prospective parent, or those who know one.
Simply the best single article ever written on circumcision.
Recommended key educational piece for giving to parents and
those who still argue a medical benefit to circumcision.
Complete with active annotation & footnotes.
by Dr. Paul Fleiss, M.D.

Circumcision: Much More Dangerous Than A Foreskin
Covers many points not addressed in either of the above two essays.
Long, detailed, to complete your one-stop-shop for circumcision info.
by Matheas

"What About Infections?"
The complication rate of circumcision is at least double the rate of UTI occurence.
And while urinary tract infections can be treated non-surgically with antibiotics,
complications from circumcision typically involve serious issues like gangrene,
urethral/urine blockage, abscesses, severe blood loss, amputation, and death.
Females would benefit far more from circumcision, as they are far more likely than males
to get urinary tract infections, but girls are protected from circumcision by law--why not yet boys?
from MGMBill.Org

Care for Intact (Uncircumcised) & Circumcised Baby Boys & Male Children
Adapted from "Much More Dangerous Than A Foreskin" above.
If you don't need to know now, you probably will someday.
by Matheas


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